Lolita Art in the Park Installation

This installation was put together during my Foundation year at City and Guilds of Arts London. I wanted to express the feeling of wearing lolita but being part of a different world that contrasts with my fashion style. It’s about the fashion becoming a form of escapism, for me its an addiction and something I love passionately. It’s hard to understand the feeling if you aren’t obsessed, so this installation is meant to express that beautiful high. The setting is London because before I moved I dreamed of escaping to London where I imagined there would be more activity and I could study art. It’s really a celebratory installation which is why I wanted my friends to sit at the table with me embracing their love of lolita and their own escapism.


About memzart

I am a Fine Art Sculptor, full time London Lolita who has been in the fashion for 3 years. I am also the co-founder of Frills & Frolics. My art is heavily influenced by surrealism and Japanese culture as well as my own personal experiences.

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