Hyper Japan: Lolita Surgery

Interactive fashion installation at Hyper Japan Spring 2012!

Hyper Japan’s fashion information!

I wanted to create a fantasy installation with sculptures inspired by Japanese fashion’s like lolita. In Japanese street fashion, outfits often feature themes like nurses, syringes and medical motifs. I liked this contrast of cross between a typically fetish theme, kawaii (cute) culture and medical equipment considered sinister. Medical equipment can commonly cause entetophobia and tryanophobia, I wanted this concept of scary items being made edible and cute! Theres an accessibility to this piece of work; it allows the viewer to touch the sculptures and interact seeing close up details and also to have photos immersed in the installation. It’s an expressive piece welcoming people into my world. I was heavily influenced by Yayoi Kusama and I feel this piece is very surrealist.

My friends Wing and Tania were my cute nurses!

Also I was a presenter and a model in the Hyper Japan Frills and Frolics Catwalk, I helped come up with the concept of using lots of different styles from Japan instead of just lolita. It was a great catwalk!


About memzart

I am a Fine Art Sculptor, full time London Lolita who has been in the fashion for 3 years. I am also the co-founder of Frills & Frolics. My art is heavily influenced by surrealism and Japanese culture as well as my own personal experiences.

One response to “Hyper Japan: Lolita Surgery

  1. Nice outfits, I really like al the bright colors 🙂

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