Vyner Studio First Thursday – Lolita Surgery


I started working for Vyner Studio, a gallery in Vyner Street, Bethnal Green from June and I was asked to take part in a first Thursday exhibition on the first Thursday of July. This was a really exciting opportunity for me not only as an artist but also to see how the gallery works. I provided some text and an image of my work from Hyper Japan for the advert and the exhibition was up and running a day before I went to Paris! I had an amazing time on the night, I got to meet other artists and the general public and had very positive feedback from my installation. I exhibited my ‘Lolita Surgery’ table and some photographs from previous installations. The table worked really well in a gallery space and I preferred the space I was given. Here is the advert I helped produce;


Here is the exhibition:







Thanks for reading, and thank you Vyner Studio!


About memzart

I am a Fine Art Sculptor, full time London Lolita who has been in the fashion for 3 years. I am also the co-founder of Frills & Frolics. My art is heavily influenced by surrealism and Japanese culture as well as my own personal experiences.

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