Japan: キノコの魔法 Magic Mushroom Part 2!




Here are the close ups from my previous blogs installation. The installation is still being exhibited at my university Kyoto Seika. The close ups show the human faces and forms that are infiltrating into the grassy landscape. The mushrooms with human form represent the fear of gaijin/ foreign culture invading Japan.  


Japan: キノコの魔法 Magic Mushroom!

I have had a nice exhibition I’m half way through now at Kyoto Seika University. They have given me a space to exhibit my work; a recent installation of clay mushrooms painted pastel pink. In a previous blog I talked about what was behind the idea of mushrooms here

So here are some pictures taken at Seika:







This one was taken at night, it looks quite creepy because its unexpected.Image


I like the subtly to this installation, I watched a few reactions and there were a lot of double takes as the colour looks practically like it could just be flowers then it becomes clearer that the objects are man made in the shape of mushrooms then you start to notice the human features of some of the mushrooms. To be documented further soon! Thank you!

Vyner Studio First Thursday – Lolita Surgery


I started working for Vyner Studio, a gallery in Vyner Street, Bethnal Green from June and I was asked to take part in a first Thursday exhibition on the first Thursday of July. This was a really exciting opportunity for me not only as an artist but also to see how the gallery works. I provided some text and an image of my work from Hyper Japan for the advert and the exhibition was up and running a day before I went to Paris! I had an amazing time on the night, I got to meet other artists and the general public and had very positive feedback from my installation. I exhibited my ‘Lolita Surgery’ table and some photographs from previous installations. The table worked really well in a gallery space and I preferred the space I was given. Here is the advert I helped produce;


Here is the exhibition:







Thanks for reading, and thank you Vyner Studio!

Performance: Lolita and the Doe

I wrote an essay describing what I wanted this performance piece to mean and what I wanted from it visually.

Performance Lolita and the Doe

This music can be found here:

The video will be coming soon. Here are images of the sculpures;

Hyper Japan: Lolita Surgery

Interactive fashion installation at Hyper Japan Spring 2012!

Hyper Japan’s fashion information!

I wanted to create a fantasy installation with sculptures inspired by Japanese fashion’s like lolita. In Japanese street fashion, outfits often feature themes like nurses, syringes and medical motifs. I liked this contrast of cross between a typically fetish theme, kawaii (cute) culture and medical equipment considered sinister. Medical equipment can commonly cause entetophobia and tryanophobia, I wanted this concept of scary items being made edible and cute! Theres an accessibility to this piece of work; it allows the viewer to touch the sculptures and interact seeing close up details and also to have photos immersed in the installation. It’s an expressive piece welcoming people into my world. I was heavily influenced by Yayoi Kusama and I feel this piece is very surrealist.

My friends Wing and Tania were my cute nurses!

Also I was a presenter and a model in the Hyper Japan Frills and Frolics Catwalk, I helped come up with the concept of using lots of different styles from Japan instead of just lolita. It was a great catwalk!

Lolita Art in the Park Installation

This installation was put together during my Foundation year at City and Guilds of Arts London. I wanted to express the feeling of wearing lolita but being part of a different world that contrasts with my fashion style. It’s about the fashion becoming a form of escapism, for me its an addiction and something I love passionately. It’s hard to understand the feeling if you aren’t obsessed, so this installation is meant to express that beautiful high. The setting is London because before I moved I dreamed of escaping to London where I imagined there would be more activity and I could study art. It’s really a celebratory installation which is why I wanted my friends to sit at the table with me embracing their love of lolita and their own escapism.

Lolita Installation on Youtube

London Lolitas: Art in the Park

This is the video documentry of my first public installation.